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PHILO Supplements
PHILO Supplements
PHILO Supplements
PHILO Supplements
PHILO Supplements
PHILO Supplements
PHILO Supplements
PHILO Supplements

Meet Philo.

A powerful range of botanical lifestyle supplements, for modern men and women. To support you to thrive in life.

The fundamentals of feeling good.


Feel Good Gifts

There is a strength in numbers when you pair our solutions. Together they provide foundational support for your daily needs. 

What people are saying

“More focus and energy”

I usually take the Philo Energy around 4:00 PM and that is also when I lose focus and energy especially after a busy morning. Energy helps me to get through the last 2 hours of the day, so definitely recommended!


What people are saying

“Incredibly satisfied”

I had been looking for a good supplement for a while because of my low afternoon energy levels. Have been using Philo Energy for a few months now (right after lunch) and am very satisfied! Feel more energetic and fitter. I can recommend it to everyone.

— Lieke

What people are saying

“Top product”

With my previous (sleeping) pills I always woke up very drowsy, but with Philo Sleep I fell asleep quickly and also woke up rested and fit. Will definitely buy new pot!

— Gijs

What people are saying

“Part of lifestyle”

I am very satisfied about all the supplements of Philo. I support the philosophy of using these supplements as a part of a conscious and healthy life style.

— Kim

What people are saying

“For those who can use a good boost every now and then”

I've been using the Energy and Sleep combination for a while now and actually no other vitamin pills or supplements anymore. I feel great, let's see if it helps me through the fall too!

— Tessa


Philo harnesses the power of adaptogens to counteract the effects of different kinds of stress in the body. Adaptogens are specific herbs and medicinal mushrooms that support health through balancing physiological responses to stress. To support a safe and smooth return to balance.

About the ingredients

Backed by science.

We optimize our products by combining science with the best of nature. Formulated with clinically proven ingredients. We use bioavailable actives only. Highest quality nutrients from nature. All designed in effective formulas for your wellness journey.

Where nature meets science

A perfect marriage between ancient wisdom and modern science. 

Zero harm

We respect nature. Our supplements are vegan, non GMO & chemical free. 

Full disclosure

All relevant and necessary information to make health accessible for you. 

In search for synergy

The combination of nutrients complement one another and have a profoundly greater effect together.

Uplifting + Balancing.

In modern life, resilience is key. We need to adapt and rebalance everyday. Philo gives you the fundamentals to live a life full of energy, vitality and health.

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A new kind of bottle.

We are committed to a positive environmental impact that restores degraded natural environments. Our packaging is 100% rPET by using plastic waste sourced from the European countries which is otherwise shipped to Asia and ends up either in the ocean or chokes a landfill resulting in climate destruction. Our refill bags are made of 100% biodegradable paper.

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High performance products

Revive, restore + recharge

In this modern time we experience high stress, polluted air, depleted soils. Our bodies and brains need extra, targeted nutrition more than ever. Taking the necessary nourishment at the right moment can make the difference in thriving or drowning. Philo created a range of high performing supplements, specifically developed to support your body and brain, whatever life is asking of you.

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