A holistic approach to health.

Science-driven supplements that support physical health and mental performance.

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PHILO Supplements
PHILO Supplements
PHILO Supplements
PHILO Supplements
PHILO Supplements
PHILO Supplements
PHILO Supplements
PHILO Supplements


What is PHILO made of

Science-backed supplements that deliver results.

Carefully selected ingredients. Formulated with herbs and mushrooms. Science-backed compositions GMO-free picked ingredients.

Our philosophy

Revive. Restore. Recharge.

Philo harnesses the power of adaptogens to counteract the effects of different kinds of stress in the body. Adaptogens are specific herbs and medicinal mushrooms that support health through balancing physiological responses to stress. To support a safe and smooth return to balance.

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Our supplements

Backed by science.

We optimize our products by combining science with the best of nature. Formulated with clinically proven ingredients. We use bioavailable actives only. Highest quality nutrients from nature. All designed in effective formulas for your wellness journey.

Where nature meets science

A perfect marriage between ancient wisdom and modern science. 

Zero harm

We respect nature. Our supplements are vegan, non GMO & chemical free. 

Full disclosure

All relevant and necessary information to make health accessible for you. 

In search for synergy

The combination of nutrients complement one another and have a profoundly greater effect together.

Uplifting + Balancing.

In modern life, resilience is key. We need to adapt and rebalance everyday. Philo gives you the fundamentals to live a life full of energy, vitality and health.

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Plants + Planet.

We are committed to a positive environmental impact that restores degraded natural environments. Our packaging is 100% rPET by using plastic waste sourced from the European countries which is otherwise shipped to Asia and ends up either in the ocean or chokes a landfill resulting in climate destruction.

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Our formulas

Each product is carefully created by our own orthomolecular therapist. We are always transparent about our effective and highly absorbable ingredients and we never add unnecessary fillers. Our natural products are made in the Netherlands.

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