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In our modern hectic world, our nutrient levels are commonly affected by things like pollution, stress, unbalanced quick and easy meals or snacks, medication or alcohol. Furthermore, the nutrient density of our food is degrading because of intensive farming and the soil that is becoming used up. So supplements have become essential for modern day living to replenish our nutrients levels. 

We recommend taking your supplements on a daily basis. Because of busy lifestyles and high-stress in our daily activities, our bodies need extra support to keep our system strong and to have an adequate defense mechanism. Therefore we created everyday support for different issues you may encounter. 

PHILO designs supplement-solutions for healthy modern life. We create expertly designed health cocktails with maximum synergy to tackle common ‘busy-life’ issues. Botanical bioavailable supplement-solutions so you can live life to the fullest.  

Our PHILO supplement formulas  have been formulated by our founder and leading Nutritionist Hester Schaberg. Hester’s formulations are the result of the study orthomoleculair epigenetics / functional medicine, combined with her real life client experiences (she was a Nutritional Therapist for years). Hester uses published studies as the foundation for our formulas. We combine this extensive scientific meta-research and combine it with our real life experience to design all formulas. Modern science for modern lifestyle. 

At PHILO we use highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals only. We combine them with natural herbs, root extracts, and mushroom powders. Wholefood supplements are easy to recognize for the body, and thus easy to process. We source our micronutrients (vitamins and miderals) in in’s maximum bioavailable form. 

It is a common fact that B-vitamins have a strong smell. Nothing to do about it and nothing to worry about. Also, natural nutrients like mushroom powders or root extracts can have a tiny smell too. Just like real food. Natural supplements that have a nice white or unicorn color, and have no smell, that would be something to worry about ; ) 

If you are pregnant, please read the label on the jars for more specific information. 

If you are breastfeeding, please read the label on the jars for more specific information. 

Our packaging

PHILO is an ethical and eco-friendly brand. We aim to reduce the plastic waste used in the health sector by creating a sustainable solution from upcycled plastic. Our bottles are designed to last. They look edgy and iconic. So no need to throw them away when empty. If you need to stock up, we offer you refill bags for your next supply. These bags are for one-time use, hence biodegradable. 

Unfortunately most (refill) pouches contain non-recyclable materials which will end up in landfill. We have chosen to use materials which can be composted. This high quality material is actually even more expensive than our rPet jars, and we bear the difference in costs for this. We hope we can even minimize the use of rPet with this sustainable refill solution. 

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A powerful range of botanical lifestyle supplements, for modern men and women. To support you to thrive in life.

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