About us

Philo has one important mission: to help you maintain and sustain the lifestyle you want.

Our philosophy

Health gives you the capacity to live a full life according to your life plans. We specialize in first generation supplements and formulations aiming to support the life you want. By creating cutting edge formulations for men and women with ancient herbs and science-backed vitamins and minerals.

We empower you on your journey

Our philosophy

With deep roots in functional medicine we search for answers in nature and we go where many generations before us have gone. We use nootropic mushrooms, roots, botanicals, sea minerals and algae. Optimal designed supplements to meet your health needs – no matter your age, life stage, or walk of life.

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The science

Philo works in conjunction with orthomolecular guidelines. This principle is about achieving optimum molecular state in the body. It aims to maintain health through nutritional supplementation and to support your body’s own ability to upregulate all chemical processes and pathways that are critical for optimal health. Clinical meta-research is the backbone of our R&D process. The use of highly effective and clean ingredients combined with the right nutritional cofactors gives our supplement maximum synergistic effect.

About our ingredients

Clean Ingredients only

Highly bioavailable

Science-backed formulas

Maximum synergy


At PHILO we care about the planet. Our supplements are packed in upcycled jars made from recycled plastic waste collected from the four most polluted oceans in the world.  By not using any virgin plastics and instead recycling plastic waste from the ocean, we ensure circularity and drive sustainable change.

recycled thermoplastic

Being made from recycled thermoplastic, rPET guarantees lower carbon footprint vs virgin plastics, aluminum or glass, due to the fact they are not made from fossil fuels.

Reduced carbon footprint

Our light weight plastic jars and biodegradable refill pouches cut the average packaging weight by 75%, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and a reduction in packaging waste.

The production

Our products are formulated in Amsterdam and produced in Rotterdam in a cGMP certified facility. We have tested the formulas beyond the FDA regulatory guidelines to meet our high standards. Our clean label ingredients are rich in beneficial bioactive substances. We source our ingredients responsibly, making sure each provides the purest and most potent health benefits. We stay ahead of modern science and apply the latest research in our formulas to ensure the highest possible efficacy.  

the founders

Hester + Willemijn

Meet Hester

Our Philo range of supplements is the result of the experience I gained in my health clinic by examining dozens and dozens of people with health struggles and by analyzing their bloodwork. My real life client experience has shown me the main issues people experience nowadays. Lack of energy, low immunity, no focus, poor sleep, disrupted hormones, gut issues, skin issues, feeling irritable and edgy. To help my patients, I often had to prescribe ten different supplements to tackle one issue. So I decided to make my own solutions. Cutting edge health solutions in one jar to help people to sustain a great quality of life. I teamed up with scientists to develop the products and to conduct the clinical studies. The result: a perfect combination of natural ingredients that work synergistically to target specific issues. Highly effective and super efficient. I partnered up with Willemijn, who is also a health freak and who’s marketing skills totally complete the team. 

Meet Willemijn

Ever since 2016 I am very committed to wellbeing and nature. I started with a blog called BeBio, informing people about a healthy lifestyle. After three years of exploring the health and lifestyle scene, I founded my company SMPL. Me and my business partner wanted to make a change in the cosmetics industry and launched a new clean-label skincare brand which is 100% natural and packed in biodegradable packaging. In the meanwhile my interest in health and supplements was growing. Good nourishment and taking the right supplements have played an important role in my life over the last years. I experienced great results for myself. And given the current health developments in this hectic world, I believe supplements should play an important role in everyone's daily behavior. Managing Philo with Hester feels like the right next step and I am really excited about what we are creating.


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