Introducing Nati Smith, Philo’s longevity advisor

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Meet Nati, Philo’s Longevity expert. She has an innate passion for healthy food, supplements and smart health tricks to upgrade her physiology. Nati enriches Philo with her profound knowledge and her abilities to connect with people and transmit her knowledge to them. We are grateful that we now all can benefit from her experience in “biohacking”.

Describe yourself in 1 sentence 

Oh. That’s hard… 

I am a curious being. I love to explore and am a very open minded spirit. I am a passionate chef and baker, children's book author, mother of two, wife, adventure enthusiast, lover of beautiful skin, and a fan of podcasts, awesome playlists and documentaries.

Where do you come from:

Hopefully you don't mean spiritually as that is a way longer conversation;). I recently moved to Amsterdam from a beautiful seaside village in Central California called Santa Barbara.

What is your connection with “healthy lifestyle”? 

I naturally always gravitated to this topic from a young age and am actively spending energy and effort learning about it and staying on top of all there is in this space. I love the kitchen so preparing healthy yet yummy and beautiful food is something I very much enjoy. Before it was a popular topic or any of it was a ‘thing’ I practiced and lived by many of the modalities we know today to be important for a healthy lifestyle. I am an active person physically and take my sleep seriously, I dedicate time to my friends, family and community and have my spiritual practice I follow regularly and for years. 

What is your favorite morning routine?

I love my morning commitment and devotion to my blue and red light therapy as I am doing my morning meditation. I go out for my morning run in Vondelpark where I often listen to podcasts and new releases on Spotify. I then will have my beloved Matcha mixed with my collagen peptides powder (90-120 min after I wake up) which is a great way to set up my system so I get that morning cortisol peak and extra alertness. 

When I get this morning routine done, I feel unbeatable and ready for anything. 

What is your favorite food to boost your day? 

I always have high quality dark chocolate and raw walnuts in my bag. 

What is your most game changing “health hack?”

There are so many little tricks but I would say the most important thing is to find one or two that you can actually commit to and practice regularly. Consistency is the vital element here. 

If you come to my house early in the morning… It may look like a science fiction experiment but I personally try to knock a bunch of them out at once given I have so much going on. So in the morning when I wake up (always before the rest of my house) I have hot water, lemon and ginger, get my sauna infrared blanket ready and lay down in it while also using my LED face red and bluelight. I prepare on audio my meditation from the app I'm using and get it all done in 30 minutes. I then have water with electrolytes to help me replenish all the salt and minerals I lose while sweating in my sauna. 

I then shower (there is no way you can do anything after this much sweat so it’s a friendly approach:). Finally, I finish my shower with cold water. 

In the evening I work on my laptop with blue light protection glasses.

Which Philo supplement is your favorite and why?

Sleep! I have been taking Philo Sleep before bedtime. Sleep is truly one of the most overlooked topics and is vital on every possible level (mental, physical, emotional).  Therefore, I really value my sleep and have a routine before bedtime.  It helps calm my nervous system and relax my muscles which is important to ensure a quality rest. 

What made you laugh a lot recently? 

I traveled and re-watched an episode of the comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. His humor and topics are just so on point. He is truly my favorite! 

Who would you like to take 1-day lessons from, and why? 

Mmmmm… another hard question..

I would love to take a car racing lesson from Lewis Hamilton. He seems like one great being and I love the adrenaline rush involved in car racing, let alone the fact it’s often in such a beautiful surrounding.  I hope my insurance company is not reading this! 

Is there a life Mantra you swear by? 

Nothing that is truly meant for me will ever miss me.

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